About Us

Merci Management was founded in Sydney, Australia, by two experienced and passionate industry insiders Thomas Gillmann and Alexis Elliott.

It is borne from a strong conviction that new and emerging talent deserves a representation that truly reflects the unique nature of every individual entrusted to their care.

Thomas Gillmann has 15 years of international editorial, production, contract negotiation, and talent management experience, with a global eye for identifying exceptional qualities that resonate with the evolving focus on diversity and inclusion that is at the forefront of international talent briefs for editorial and runway in 2021 and beyond. He has developed strong local knowledge and a comprehensive network of contacts and is committed to nurturing emerging talents' careers as well as managing, growing, and developing established ones.

Alexis Elliott is a highly regarded industry professional, with a demonstrated track record of recruiting, fostering, and developing talent with a personally invested approach to younger talent and their family support groups. This focus assures that young emerging talent are nurtured in a personalised way with a long-term approach to enable the achievement of their career goals. Alexis has had an extensive career in fashion locally and overseas. She has groomed a vast international network of key corporate leaders and influencers, global talent agency heads, scouts, photographers, and talent managers and has a respected international profile.

With their combined talents and strengths, they demonstrate a fresh, modern approach to talent management by showing appreciation to the talent that is undiscovered and excited to be uncovered; to acknowledge those with talent that is yet to reach its' full potential, and recognise those well established and looking for their next adventure.

Our approach is a combination of creative, personalised talent management, that incorporates trust, the highest ethical standards, and a focus on the social values that look to a future of inclusion, diversity, and collaboration.

Thomas and Alexis

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